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Alcovy (Al-cofv, Native Indian) meaning a place to gather and enjoy simple joys of life with family and friends, tell stories and rest for the night. At Alcovy we strive to bring this very essence of living in every development we undertake.
Each location is carefully selected to make sure your home will provide a serene place within walkable neighborhoods to enjoy simple joys of life. Our communities inspire elemental living and healthy lifestyles.
Each home is designed and crafted with signature styles on both interior and exterior. Designs inspired from great architecture philosophies with the modern touch, elegance and comforts of a smart home.


Each & every community, home we craft is our pride. We work with utmost sincerity as we would for our own home.


Always do the right thing. Our call may go above and beyond but we will always do the right thing.


From investors to the buyers, we value you as our partners. Your success is our success. Your joy is our joy.


Creativity is at the forefront of each development. We thrive to make our communities and homes enhance inspired living.

Quality & Sustainability

Our developments incorporate TQM (Total Quality Management) to provide you exceptional quality in every aspect and make sure we adhere to the sustainability principles.

Vision Statement

To provide exceptional communities and homes that will create inspired living for our customers through creativity, quality and technology.

Feels Like Home

What makes a house, a home? A haven, a hideaway, a hive of activity. "Home" means something different to everyone. And the spaces we live in should reflect this. Let's make yours more "you."

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The History

Alcovy comes from Native American meaning a place for all to gather and bask in the simple joys of life, family, friends, nature. The Georgia Alcovy river was names for these simple pleasures. Pawpaw Lilies blanket the land that radiates the warmth of the sun while bringing the comfortable breeze from the river.
Alcovy Place carries that natural beauty into your living space, with charming spaces filled with a serenity emanating from the meandering Alpha creek, framed by hardwood trees, beautiful architecture, and a pleasant breeze. Directing the attention of the neighborhood towards the creek, the walking path, and its beauty brings the meaning of Alcovy to life. A place where outdoor living spaces are plentiful and well thought out… a place where you will enjoy the simple pleasures of life, with friends and family.

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